The MBFW Madrid: Francis Montesinos AW15/16 collection was filled with vibrant color, which will make for a grand sendoff if the social media rumors are true, that this may be Francis Montesino´s last catwalk before he retires. As usual, the scene was set with a backdrop of bright flowers and decorations, and there was life music included in the show, making it truly a ¨show.¨ Nayala Brown, a singer who often performs at Supermartxe and other Ibiza-style clubs, delighted fans in belting along to her soundtrack as the models walked the runway.

Beautiful, flowing womenswear accompanied men in floral, bright colors, and even colors typically clashing, like an orange floral shirt paired with neon pink pants. The men were often shirtless and wearing metal, extravanagant  artifacts reminscent of gladiators or greek warriors. A show juxtaposing the intense masculine warrior look with a warm, feminine floaty world of florals and love. And yet again, we see men in skirts.

I am not sure how wearable the Francis Montesinos menswear is, but it certainly provides a nice complement to what may be a grand womenswear selection. Of course, we aren´t here for womenswear, otherwise the website would be called ¨Best Dressed Woman on the Planet¨and really, it just doesn´t have the same ring to it. So back to the men. Several of them also wore transparent trousers and shirts, but really, is there a point to transparent trousers and shirts? A few of the man wore vests and other items that seemed like a throwback to the bullfighter look, a Spanish torero. Montesinos never misses a beat to add in a little inspìration from his home country, as well as an ode to a ¨Carnival¨style, meaning colors, ruffles and extravagance. And extravagant it was.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

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