The MBFW Madrid: Davidelfin AW15/16 collection Inferno was the third collection in the process of three (No One, Time of the Monsters, and now Inferno) which was sort of an end. Kind of a sad ending, one which ends up in hell, I suppose, but since he used the quote “I have been to hell and back. And let me tell you, it was wonderful” said by Louise Bourgeois, perhaps this isn’t truly an ending, only a small stop along the way featuring dark, mysterious looks.

The front row was filled with the usual Spanish celebs, like Rosy de la Palma and Alaska & Mario. A surprise appearance by Canadian singer Michael Buble shocked and excited all the attendees.  Another nice surprise was that almost all the models were men and all the designs really were for men, although Bimba Bose as well as one other female model did walk the runway (in menswear, really).

Nothing fire-ish, however, actually, all the looks were black, and again we see the comeback of the man skirt, and what I’d go as far to even name “The Man Skort” which was an original creation of pants plus a skirt. It takes a certain type of man to wear a skirt, and let me tell you, those men are out there, we’ve spotted the likes of them in Paris, in London, in Tokyo and in Milan, although we’ve yet to spot a man skirt OR man skort in the United States, I think it’s mostly an Asian or European trend.

Utilitarian black jumpsuits, sturdy collars, stiff shirts paired with baggy pants or a “man-skirt/man-skort”, light patterns of grey over the black, and some funky mini backpacks all walked the Delfin runway. The models sported signature black Dr. Marten shoes and boots. A modern and futuristic inferno, if you will. A cold and dreary one, filled with black and grey. And that, my friends, was Davidelfin AW15/16.























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

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