The MBFW Madrid: Ana Locking collection was entitled “Doppleganger.” The word comes from German orgins and is used to describe someone that looks like someone else.  I’ve read more than once that apparently EVERYONE in the world has a look-a-like (doppleganger), but who knows if that’s really the case.

Ana Locking played on the idea that not only does everyone “have” a doppelganger, but that everyone wants to look like someone else and people are just imposters, trying so very hard to be like other people.

The idea of making a collection where people strive to look like others is an interesting one. I mean, they say you are what you wear…so if you dress for the person you want to be, does that mean you really are that person? Deep questions for a Wednesday morning, I know!

The menswear in the show was a perfect combination of wearable and dapper (suits and warm jackets) mixed with a vintage, 70’s carefree trend (this is the man the office guy dreams to be).

The fabrics and colors were juxtaposed (probably to reflect the doppelganger concept) with flashy, fun fabrics faux-fox hair, yak hair, and glossy silks in bold turquoise and mustard with muted wool browns giving off this office-by-day, worldly-gentleman-by-night vibe.

Funky detailed additions like tri-color faux fur mittens, hats and hoods, turquoise man-totes, and sunglasses added that extra bit of sparkle to the collection. Perfect for the man who loves himself but also wants to live vicariously through his doppleganger in another world.

BDMOTP favorite: oxblood suit
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.


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