87MM is a sporty Korean brand that features sporty, comfortable looks. The designs are definitely street wear, and meant to look casual and cool.

The collection could easily be sported in London, as that new-age, casual look is beginning to come into play there. BDMOTP photographer Alex Finch was able to get backstage during their Seoul Fashion Week runway show to snap some of the looks.

Baseball hats, anoraks and overalls were juxtaposed with a business-like pinstripe and colorblocked blazers to make for some interesting looks. The clothes seem durable and wearable, useful and yet fashionable. After all, an anorak on a rainy day in London or Tokyo can certainty come into play, however you want to seem stylish at the same time.

Long trenches and details like zippers and patches with numbers on them were also seen on many of the garments. No one can argue that this collection is quite unique in its own way.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Alex Finch.

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