“Free Yourself” is a saying printed on some of the casual and sporty Zerum looks. Designer Marko explains that this means you need to break free from the masses and start to think on your own, especially when it comes to how we are treating our world and environment.

Speaking of treating the world and the environment, the Zerum label works hard to make sure everything they produce is 100% organic and eco-friendly. ALL of their designs are fair trade and produced and manufactured within Austria, which is probably not an easy feat, especially when nowadays everything seems to made “Made in China”.

The Zerum collection is functional and clearly bases an emphasis on comfort. The designs are casual, basic and sporty. A lot of sweatpants and hoodies, some with fun button details. There are slightly dressier looks, complete with denim pants and high top kicks, but these looks are made to be soft and comfortable, and worn in a casual environment.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.


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