If you’ve ever watched an actor promoting a movie on a news program, chances are the set was designed by Lenny Lubrano. He works with Full Tilt Productions owner and designer Anthony Macchio in creating all kinds of eye-catching sets for the major studios in Hollywood. Over the past 15 years, they have worked with nearly every major star and director – and many of them have complimented Lenny on his wardrobe – which is as distinctive as his designs.

Lenny Lubrano.

Lenny Lubrano.

BDMOTP’s Steve Oldfield caught up with Lubrano on the interview sets for the new film, Heaven is For Real, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Lubrano starts off by explaining to BDMOTP that, “just recently on the Need for Speed interviews, Aaron Paul clapped me on the back and said ‘I like the whole deal man,’ referring to my outfit. I complimented him on a very cool brown leather jacket he had on.” Once we heard that, we knew we needed to hear more about Lubrano’s style!

I’ve always admired your sense of style. How would you describe your fashion philosophy?
My personal philosophy is to be bold and stand out, it’s made me the man I am today and opened many doors for me. I also believe in a hi/low eclectic mix of layering designer apparel with lower cost clothing, even thrift shop items that I’ve collected over the years. I’m known for mixing patterns in my wardrobe, stripes with plaid, chevron with polka dots etc to create a bit of drama on set while making it seem effortless. In fact, I think closely about the patterns I mix and always choose one color that ties the various patterns together. Without doing that, it would never work.

How do you use your fashion to keep it interesting on the job?
I sometimes wear outfits that evoke a style of the movie we’re promoting, but not always. For American Hustle, I wore red/blue patterned bell bottoms, platform shoes and gold accessories-and it was a blast!

Lenny Lubrano in his American Hustle outfit.

Lenny Lubrano in his American Hustle outfit.

I know you’re on the road a lot. What are your must-pack items?
I live out of a suitcase roughly 60 days a year. I always pack a basic fitted black blazer and skinny black trousers that can carry me from day to night, where ever I am. I always pack several different patterned socks, scarves, ties and hats so I can change up my look without over packing.

I know you share my love of London – where do you shop when you’re there?
I’m always inspired by London fashion and style. From prep to punk, they really nail it. Christopher Bailey of Burberry and the late Alexander McQueen are two of my all time favorite designers. I love to shop at TopShop London — the US store doesn’t have the same inventory. I always visit the Camden Market for unique finds.

What’s your advice to the readers of BDMOTP?
Have fun with your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to look unique. Obviously, no one wants to look clownish but just adding one bold item to your daily attire will make you stand out.

Post and photos by Steve Oldfield.

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  1. Lena Lubrano says:

    My brother, still the most stylish person I know!

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