There was very little menswear at MB Fashion Week Berlin this year, but we found a few highlights hidden in the mass of womenswear: SOPOPULAR and Brachmann.


“SOPOPULAR is the realization of my own style, which was and still is shaped by my two most important phases in life: London and Berlin”, says designer Daniel Blechman about his label. The clothing definitely has the German eclectic feel to it, and you can also see the British roots. Music plays a huge role in the designs, groups like Bush and Soundgarden give Blechman inspiration. The clothes are casual streetwear, I could absolutely see someone strolling down the street in Berlin wearing any of these urban designs.



























Brachmann is a new brand founded and created by Jennifer Brachmann in 2012. The fabrics she uses in her designs are all sustainable and ethical which is something I find new designers especially give a lot of importance to. The Brachmann collection  modern touch to basic and classic garments, especially the jackets.


























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from MB Fashion Week Berlin Official Website.

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