It’s an ironic reality on most Hollywood sets: some of the least stylish, most disheveled people are the ones responsible for keeping the stars looking their best: the makeup and hair people.


One notable exception is Tyson Fountaine, a successful makeup artist who would make anyone’s best dressed list in tinsel town.

Tyson has worked with everyone from Lady Gaga to Johnny Depp, Brooke Shields to Betty White. Tyson’s currently the head makeup artist for “The Middle,” starring Patricia Heaton on ABC-TV and Tyson has been nominated for two Primetime Emmys. Tyson also helped to create a sensation at the Playboy Mansion, the body-painted Playmates – but that’s a story for another time and place. Tyson is married to a fellow makeup artist. He and wife Michelle Daurio live in Valley Village near Los Angeles. He sat down to share some thoughts and tips with another one his clients, BDMOTP’s Steve Oldfield.

So how did you get started doing makeup? I was an art major at the junior college in Santa Rosa.

A friend of mine suggested that I try a theater makeup class. This I thought was a crazy idea. But I ended up loving it! It was amazing. Now I could create art on a three dimensional living surface and get paid for it! I could prove to my dad that I could survive as an artist.

So other than the steady (and good) paycheck, what do you love about the work?

It’s very self gratifying to make someone look their best. To change them into a character is a great creative outlet and a passion of mine.

You’ve traveled all over working on movie sets and shows – what do you like about your current gig on “The Middle?”

I like working on a reoccurring show for the job security. It’s nice going to work every day. “The Middle” is one of the MOST underrated and overlooked shows out there. The writing is so good, the cast and crew are amazing. We are in our 5th season and I am the department head makeup artist. Supervising is a lot of responsibility – It can be fun if you have a good crew. You must respect your team.

So what advice to you have for men when it comes to their face? 

I think men should wear some sort of sun block. And always use moisturizer. I think it’s important to keep your sideburns and the back of your neck trimmed.

If a man is going to have an important photo taken, should he use any powder or concealer? Any “do’s” and “don’ts?”

Men should use an anti-shine for photos. This will keep them less shiny. I also think concealer under eyes and on blemishes is a must for photos. Tinted moisturizer is a nice way to give the over all complexion a healthy glow. A no-shine lip balm is nice to keep the lips looking healthy and not dry. Don’t use shiny lip balms; don’t wear too much makeup. If your lashes are light you can tint them or use a very light coat of mascara, preferably brown or brown black. Some men have sparse eyebrows on the ends or spots missing they should be filled in with a matching color (I prefer a graphite pencil the grey works with most colors).

A lot of times, makeup, hair and crew people look like they just climbed out of bed and threw on something from their dirty clothes pile. But I’ve always thought you look stylish – Can you talk about your personal philosophy on dressing for work? 

I agree a lot of crew people do look like they rolled out of bed. I understand some crew are doing work that requires getting dirty and I too would wear clothes that I didn’t care too much about , but some departments that should look presentable do look very sloppy. I see it more times than I think anybody should. We’re often referred to as the ‘glam squad’ we should look professional not disheveled. It instills confidence in the talent.

So today on the job, you’re wearing Michael Kors pants, a great Paul Smith sweater and a scarf from The Gap – I love how it all comes together!

I’m definitely eclectic when it comes to fashion. My fashion advice is to wear a scarf – it’s the modern day tie. I think the way to rock a scarf is all in the way you wear and tie it. I don’t believe it has to match the outfit perfectly and cost does not matter. I have $8.00 to $100 scarves and you would be surprised how many times the cheaper ones score compliments!

What’s your advice for readers who’d love to be a makeup or hair person in Hollywood or fashion?

Dress professional, be yourself, and don’t get caught up in all of the gossip and drama, it’s a small world and people talk.

Interview by Steve Oldfield

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