I present to you Miles Burrell, 29, single and in need of the Gosling Effect. If you aren’t sure what the Gosling Effect is, it’s a transformation (performed perfectly by actor Ryan Gosling, among many others) of looking just regular to looking fabulous. Everyone knows your first impression shapes what people think of you; however, what if you looked amazing all the time? Simply, dress for the role you want, not the one you have. Miles here is in need of the Gosling Effect, so lets get to it!

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I can hear what you’re thinking …“He doesn’t look that bad.” OK, let’s put this in perspective. You’re a cute woman at a speed-dating event and it’s Miles sitting across from you in that look. Still looks ok to you? New scenario, You’re starting a new business and you’ve emptied your 401k to make it happen. You are interviewing for your new graphic guy. Does he get the job?

Let’s review what is The Gosling Effect. In a nutshell, it’s dressing for the life you want, not the life you have. Miles is a freelance graphic designer/ fine artist. As in the case of most artists, he has a job in an unrelated field, but the objective is to paint and create for a living. However, that future goal means parties, gallery showings, interviews, client meeting and more meetings, etc. As an artist, I know how hard it is to live on ones talents and looking the part can help.

In the beginning, I asked Miles what he wants to look like. His answer: “I want people to compliment me.” Full Disclosure: Miles and I are friends and I expected him to say “I.D.K. (I don’t know).” I could help him with that. So, we started from his feet and worked our way up.


Shoe shopping told me a lot about his personal taste. He didn’t care for very traditional or fussy shoes. Hard heavy wingtips were rejected. Shoes that had too much happening and felt complicated never left their boxes. Clean, simple, comfortable and easy seem to be the theme. Those were adjectives I could work with. Next came an everyday work wear.


He tried on a quilted hunting style jacket. He wasn’t happy. Then he tried on a sports jacket that wasn’t right either. But, there was an overcoat in navy that made him perk up. Later, we met up and put together four looks that worked for his life now.


Look 1 is an easy casual upgrade from his everyday look. He can wear this to work or to the art store. It’s comfortable enough for him to work in but all the pieces can serve him a hundred ways.

Black & Brown Car Coat $149.00
Blue Plaid Ben Sherman shirt $85.00 Insert: Look 1
Perry Ellis Jeans in Dark indigo $69.50
Polo Boots $98.00


Look 2 is a nod to classic Americana prep. We decided on a look that he could wear to work but also on a date. Miles’ complexion lets him wear colors that others can’t easily wear.

Look 2
Black & Brown Cashmere Sweater in
Heathered blue $225.00
Buffalo David Bitton Shirt $69.00 Insert: Look 2
Calvin Klein Pants $55.00
Cole Haan Lunar Grand Wingtip
In Gray $198.00

Tip: When looking to add a little color to your wardrobe; remember to check the item in good lighting, like sunlight, against your face. For example: Some yellows or greens will actually make a person look sick.



Look 3 is a weekend look that can go a lot of places: a party, a meeting with clients or drinks with friends.

Look 3
Perry Ellis Faux Leather Jacket $170.00
Ben Sherman Sweater $130.00
Black and Brown shirt $89.00 Insert: Look 3
Perry Ellis Jeans $69.00
Polo Sneakers in Black leather $65.00


Look 4 is a sophisticated, grown-up look that completely elevates his appearance. Suiting comes in separates. You don’t have to always wear matching pieces. A little bit of James Bond meets Tyson Beckford.

Look 4
Tallia Blazer $325.00
Buffalo David Bitton $69.00 Insert: Look 4
Michael Kors black Slim Tie $65.00
Cole Haan $198.00

Sidebar: While no one knows what was the click that caused Ryan Gosling to change his look, it’s pretty clear no girlfriend or stylist made it happen. Most people need help.

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  1. cynthia a says:

    Wow this truly is the gosling effect cause I know this guy miles and he’s really transformed into a handsome man. Good job love it

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