Christmas, Work Parties, Thanksgiving Supper, whatever the occasion, you should be prepared. Well, you will look prepared at least…you never know what will go down at holiday parties. But we are here to help you look the part and find the perfect holiday sweater or suit for your party.

Depending on what type of guy you are there are different ways to go with your wardrobe for holiday social events…

There’s the Hilarity Route or the GQ Route.

Go with where your ambitions lie! Remember, your outfit may depend on nature of the event. For a formal work Christmas party, obviously you’d go the GQ route. But if it’s a low key get together with co-workers Thanksgiving weekend, maybe the hilarity route look is perfect!

Hilarity Route: clumpy sweaters with bold colors and funny patterns/pictures, colors with an autumn undertone overall (ex: browns, mustard yellow, maroon, deep red, dark green).

Reindeer Sweater

Try this reindeer Ralph Lauren Sweater. It’s a guaranteed conversation starter.

Winter Sweater

This goofy Ralph Lauren sweater brings together all the good things in winter, like snowflakes,skiing and Christmas trees!

GQ Route: dress pants, button down shirt, cardigan (for color) and a tie (optional)

GQ Look

Try this snazzy look: waist coat and trousers by Indochino, and cable knit cardigan by Onassis Clothing, maroon tie by Nautica.

NOTE: Both are routes are solid choices, just make sure you choose the option that most reflects your personality (the jokster, or the suave one), and the event.

Good luck outfit hunting and happy holidays!

Posted by Anne Grimaudo

*Images in order from: Fashion Hunt World, Highsnobiety, and Mens Style Pros.

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