With the biggest shopping day of the year coming up the day after Thanksgiving, we thought you men out there might need a little guidance on holiday shopping. So regardless of if you are shopping on Black Friday, Christmas Eve, or at any point in between, we’ve put together a little plan to make things easier for you!

Gift Giving Guide

Girlfriend/Boyfriend: if you listen when she/he talks, it shouldn’t be too hard

Does she/he love old movies?

Have a private screening with her

outdoor movie screening

An outdoor movie screening is a thoughtful and romantic gift!

Has she/he always wanted to see the Lincoln Memorial lit up at midnight?

Take her there!

Honestly, do something that shows you care and you’re golden.

A romantic stroll in the park  can a beautiful present!

A romantic stroll in the park can a beautiful present!

Wife/Husband: NOT the same thing you always get her (follow guidelines for boyfriend/girlfriend’s gifts)

Mom/Dad: there are two categories, practical (things they need) and things of luxury (things would like but will never buy for themselves). With both categories factor in their interests:  gardening, home improvement projects, sewing, cooking, parlor games, travel, gadget fanatic, etc. Odds are, your parents like at least one of these things, so factor this interest into focusing on a gift they will appreciate.

Co-Worker/Boss: based on jokes/conversations shared, get something small that applies. If you don’t have a cool boss give them a card/gift card combo, it can’t fail. Don’t go overboard with co-worker and boss gifts, usually something small is perfect.

Sister: a cute, unique piece of jewelry (ring/necklace/bracelet) She will appreciate the thought you put into it. If you shop at stores: Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People, you will find something any sister will like.

anthroplogie gifts

Brother: Bookstore/Amazon Gift Card, it has everything! Books, movies, clothes, tools, videogames, etc. Perfect for the brother with multiple interests.

Amazon Gift Card

Final Tips:

*A silly heartfelt card (not overly sappy, but an ‘I care and Love you sentiment) goes a long way with the folks, and will butter them up before they open their gifts.

You can never go wrong with a cute card.

You can never go wrong with a cute card.

*All gifts must be individualized and thoughtful at the core for them to be considered a success.

Have a great holiday season and good luck shopping!

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