George Pennacchio: InVESTed In His Reporting


George Pennacchio is one of America’s best-loved critics and entertainment reporters – not to mention one of the most dapper dressers. The three-time Emmy winner has worked for KABC-TV in Los Angeles for nearly two decades and he is seen around the world on ABC’s syndicated Oscar “pre” and “post” shows. He also has covered Dancing With the Stars (U.S. Edition) since the beginning.

Every time George is working, he wears a different vest, all made by his designer wife, Erin (Pennacchio), who designs custom clothes for women. George is her only male client. Erin’s made him more than 300 vests and everyone from Sandra Bullock to Russell Crowe has complimented George on the look.


When they’re not attending a major premiere or traveling around the world, George and Erin help to rescue Greyhound dogs.

George talked with long-time friend and colleague, BDMOTP’s Steve Oldfield, about his vests and his keen sense of fashion.

How did you get started wearing vests?
“One day, some 20+ years ago, my soon-to-be wife decided to make me a vest. She thought it might look nice on television. No one was wearing them at the time so it quickly became a look. My then boss decided he wanted me to look more casual on the newsroom set so he asked me to take off the suit coat! I did. The vests then became even more noticeable. I’ve worn them ever since.
I’ve bought fabric from our travels all over the world–from Milan to Vietnam. Friends and fans have also gifted me with fabrics that Erin has turned into vests. My collection also includes vests made just for the Oscars celebrating the nominated pictures.”

Erin, the mastermind (and George's wife!) behind George's fantastic vest collection!

Erin, the mastermind (and George’s wife!) behind George’s fantastic vest collection!

I know Erin is very clever –Can you share some of the family’s fashion secrets?
“You need a varied wardrobe when you’re on television every day so I find myself buying a lot of ties. As styles have changed and more mixed patterns are being used, Erin has been taking old ties and turning them into new pocket squares! Also, when nothing seems to work to put in the suit pocket, she has me drop my pants and then she just scissors off the bottom of the shirt enough to pin into my suit pocket. The look is suddenly complete! She also pins all of my pocket squares into my suit so they never disappear from view. Another trick, to make an inexpensive look more expensive: Change the buttons! Most men’s suits–whether they’re $100 or $1,000–have the same cheap buttons. I’ve walked into interviews with major movie and television stars who’ve said to me, “Great suit!” I just say, “Thank you.” I know the buttons have improved the look of a suit I paid $120 for on sale!”

What’s your advice to men about fashion – and rocking the perfect vest?
“When it comes to fashion, own your look. I’ve worn vests when they’re “in” and when they’re “out” and I’ve always felt at home in them. Whatever you rock, roll with it!”


I have always respected your work covering “Dancing With the Stars.” What do you love about the cast/crew?
“I’ve covered “Dancing With The Stars” since the first week. Now, in Season 17, it’s still a lot of fun and a lot of work! I like covering it because the stars and their partners really work very hard and they’re excited when they do well, sad when they don’t, irritated when they think they unfairly scored, exuberant when they do something special, heartbroken when they’re eliminated. The teams almost always become very close and it’s emotional every week as people are sent packing. It is nice to see these friendships bond with- sometimes–the unlikeliest of people. I feel like a part of the furniture now.”

A very well-dressed part of the furniture – with a VEST of course!


You can Follow George on Twitter @abc7george

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  1. Chiara pennacchio says:

    Hi george, just watching you presenting the red carpEt of oscaR.. And your LaStName Made me curious. I am chiAra pennacchio, itaLian froM rome, now living in madrid. Your faCe reminds to my uncle… WheRe your parents come from?
    BeSt regards,
    ChiAra pennacchio

  2. Danny says:

    George you are such a nice guy. I love watching you on the news.

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