With the coming of fall, comes the opportunity for great coats. And the influence of British suave, polished men in film and television offer different options for all types of men and their style.

During the beginning months of fall one needs more of a jacket, like the one John Watson wears on the BBC show “Sherlock.”  This is a modernized rendition of a classic sporting jacket. Notice the leather patches on the shoulder and elbow? It is also neutral color to work with any outfit that may be in need of warming layers.

John Watson-Sherlock

Details like leather elbow patches give John Watson some extra style.

As the months wear on and the weather grows colder, British icons such as Sherlock Holmes (from BBC’s “Sherlock”) and James Bond offer the suave capabilities of longer length coats, and scarves to stay warm. Choosing a dark pattern, gives a coat more personality without it loosing versatility.

Look cool like James Bond with a patterned coat.

Look cool like James Bond with a patterned coat.

Sherlock Holmes-Sherlock

Long coats are not only stylish, but keep you extra warm on a blustery day.

Tip: Make sure you love this coat pattern; you will be wearing it over your wardrobe for many months!

Tip: You can change the look by changing the warm scarves you pair with it. (See how Sherlock Holmes wears a purple scarf with his dark coat? Or how about adding a handkerchief to your outside pocket? Or keeping your ears warm under a snug beanie?)

A beanie looks funky and cool matched with this plaid coat.

A beanie looks funky and cool matched with this checked coat.

Emphasizing dressing for the weather and looking great doing it is what is at stake here. You do not need to sacrifice one for the other. Dark colored plaids patterns, checkers, detailing on collars (dual tones) or patches on elbows/shoulders will all work.

You can also choose a lighter color coat, such as camel or light brown.

Try a brown coat, like this one.

Try a brown coat, like this one.

Try a brown coat, like this one.

Try a brown coat, like this one.

These colors also provide a neutral hue that will go with most clothing. Bear in mind that lighter colors are more apt to show dirt and grim that may occur from daily wear. If that doesn’t faze you, then you are the right candidate for lighter colored outerwear.

Also, don’t be concerned about mixing any dark colors. For example if you are wearing brown shoes and a black coat, it still works. Take a look at how John Watson wears it and you will see that his lighter shoes add a pop of contrast to his otherwise dark outfit.

The key to a great coat is to make sure it answers these three questions:

  1. Will it keep me warm?
  2. Does it fit in a way that I can wear it with heavy or light layers?
  3. Does it work with my style and the things I already have in my closet? (Note: that doesn’t mean it should look like everything you already have. Just make sure it compliments what you already have.)

If the coat you are deliberating over answers these questions, you have a winner!

Have a warm and pleasant fall season.

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