Shawn Edwards is a popular personality in Kansas City, where he is featured on the local Fox station. Shawn is a founding member of the African American Film Critics Association and served as its first president. He has written for Vibe, The Source and XXL magazines and Shawn currently working on a book about contemporary black movies entitled Little Black Sambo’s Revenge: The Best of Black Film.

We caught up with Shawn inside the Waldorf Astoria, where he had just interviewed Eric Bana for his new film, “Closed Circuit.”

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1.  What’s your must-carry item when you’re on the road to feel stylish?
Gotta rock a dope bag. I got stuff.

2. Where did you learn your sense of style?
My grandfather who lived in Princeton, New Jersey was the most stylish man I’ve ever known. Dude was always sharp and had mad wisdom.

3. What do you love about the store that supplies your clothes to wear on-air?
They put things together in creative and unexpected ways!

4.  Who do you think are the most put-together, stylish actors you’ve interviewed?
Justin Timberlake stays fresh. A lot of classic and traditional stuff but always clean. Terrence Howard is sophisticated but daring. A true fashion risk taker. Lilly Collins is a young gun but her fashion game is money. She’s very versatile but always fly.

Steve Oldfield ShawnEdwards1sm

Shawn is wearing a Moods of Norwary Jacket, an Imaginary Foundation T-Shirt,  Ben Sherman Pants and J. Crew Boots.

Interview by Steve Oldfield

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