September has arrived, fall fashion is here, and we are kicking everything off with some highlights by Michael Bastain during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City.

Michael Bastain´s Spring/ Summer 2014 collection was exciting and quirky this season.  The collection was inspired by foreign french films he watched while stuck in bed with a bad cold.  ¨Red Ballon¨and ¨The Dreamers¨ sparked his creativity and helped guide the way for his current collection.

The collection is bright and bold, perfect for spring and summer.  The clothes are very ¨French¨inspired, dandy and dapper, fun and even a little whimsical, yet still masculine.  He uses a lot of hats, and crazy prints as well, like leopard for men, which is kinda cool.

We can see a trend coming through, with Bastain´s collection (among others) of the ¨shorts suit¨.  The shorts suit is a matching blazer and shorts, or in some cases, simply shorts with a different, un-matching blazer.

The appearance of this trend is interesting, because it combines a formal, classic suit or dressier blazer look with something casual and low key, and very summery.  Is this the new way to dress for a semi- casual, semi- dressy event?  Is this a response to climate change, it being too hot for a normal suit?  Now that blazers paired with jeans are socially acceptable, is this the next step? When next spring falls upon us…I suppose we´ll find out if people were truly be wearing this trend!  In the meantime, enjoy the below highlights of the Michael Bastain collection.
























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