Jeans and a white tee shirt…a simple, practical go to look that will never go wrong.  You can do so many things with this look, add a blazer for a more classic feel, a leather jacket for a rocker look, or nothing at all for a casual fall style.  This is a basic style that goes way back…stylish back then, stylish now, and stylish tomorrow!

Looking for some inspiration?

The Trendsetters…

James Dean and Marlon Brando

Catapulting their careers with their bad boy, rebellious public images Dean and Brando simplistically wore fitted white tees and jeans. They made the ‘greaser look’ iconic as well as a combination of carelessly cool. White tees with jeans also associated men with bikes and cars, so if that white shirt got dirtied up a bit, it added to the overall effect.  Versatility is how this look has survived and been easily replicated throughout the decades.

jamesdean marlonbrando

Continuing the trend today…

Shia LeBeouf and Johnny Depp

Both actors have continued with the image of rebels and not following Hollywood’s rulebook. They make their own rules; maintain their eccentric side and rock tees with jeans.  LeBeouf is more of the Dean/Brando mold, riding bikes and living dangerously.  Depp is more of a nonconformist rock n’ roller, adding tons of necklaces, rings and bracelets to the basic white tee and blue jean.


johnnydepp Shia-LaBeouf

What you should take from these gentlemen is that fashion is not difficult to have as long as you commit to what you have chosen to wear. It’s not bad to care how you look, but once you have your outfit on you need to feel as confident in yourself as these gents mentioned above. Channeling the white tee and blue jeans rebel look, tried and true for decades, gives you the equipment you need. Go tear it apart!

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