It’s the summer of fashion and SOPOPULAR had a fantastic menswear collection at MBFW Berlin.  The main goal of SOPOPULAR is to come up with consistent, contemporary and stylish male fashions in an ever changing fashion world.

The designer, Daniel Blechman, explains that his designs are a mixture of London (trendy and cool) and Berlin (edgy and rough).

That is basically what the SS14 SOPOPULAR collection is all about.  Pragmatic and slim, the collection shows us straight lines and expert tailoring, with a basic color scheme far from bright.  The occasional zipper, button, drawstring or pattern adds some edge to a sleek silhouette.  Really only black, white and grey are featured, which has been noted as a trend for next spring as many designers are returning to basics and running from brights.

You can buy SOPOPULAR online or at shops throughout Germany, in Vienna, Hong Kong, and Zurich.
























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