If you are in the market for new and lesser known brands with wonderful offerings, then Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy is a must do.  It is an expansive event spread across several buildings, and there is something for every type taste.  It is also one of the best places on the planet….yes that’s right, to take in men’s street style.  BDMOTP candidates at every turn.  My team and I attended over three days, braved the heat, and covered a lot of territory.

I encountered many brands that I had not heard of, several that in my opinion are outstanding.  Among my favorites are:


Great line of casual coordinated pieces.

Pitti Uomo045 Pitti Uomo050 Pitti Uomo061 Pitti Uomo062

Viacomte A

Beautifully tailored garments, with a preppy French flavor.  Ralph Lauren-esque.

Pitti Uomo079 Pitti Uomo083


Frankfurt based designer and manufacturer of pocket squares, scarves, and neck ties.

Pitti Uomo182


For the man who has everything, they offer a line of beautiful umbrellas, walking sticks and shoe horns.

Pitti Uomo188 Pitti Uomo189 Pitti Uomo197

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