Letter writing…snail mail…handwritten greeting cards…a lost art? Most would say so. Due to the appearance of email, smart phones, tablets, etc., many might suggest that no one writes a good old handwritten note anymore. Long gone are the days of love letters, thank you notes, or simply a letter sent in the mail!

However, Terrapin Stationers might just change your mind and make you want to write out a card for someone. This business creates greeting cards almost exclusively geared towards men. Now, perhaps men don´t typically write cards as much as a woman might, but thats all the more reason to do so.

Wouldn´t it be a fabulous to surprise your mother, your brother, your wife or girlfriend with a fun handwritten card or note? To be honest, it would probably blow them away!

It´s an inexpensive and suprisingly welcome way to show someone you care, especially in this day and age, where everything is done electronically.

If you still aren´t convinced, the entertaining, playful nature of Terrapin Stationers cards will surely win you over. They are witty and modern looking cards that are printed on the highest quality card stock.

Choose from the ¨I forgot your birthday¨ kit, ¨manly¨ themed cards that have small drawings of ¨manly¨ things like fishing, hunting, biking, nautical items and more.

The cards are priced around 18-20 USD for a pack of 6. Terrapin is based in New York City and offers some ¨local¨ items like and NYC skyline notepad (10 USD) among others. Even if you aren´t based in NYC, you can order the cards online.

With the easy part done after you have your Terrapin Stationary in hand, now…what to write?!

Fishing Hook Card

Fishing Hook Greeting Card

Bicycle card

Red Bicycle Greeting Card

I forgot your Birthday Kit

I Forgot Your Birthday Kit

NYC Notepad

NYC City Skyline Notepad


See more options on the Terrapin Website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

All images from the Terrapin Website.

Posted by: Lori Zaino

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