London Collection: Men was a whirlwind scurry of shows, presentations, street style, and more.  Day 1 was intense but we were able to see a lot, and of course…we had our favorites!

Some of BDMOTP´s personal favorites from Day One were Hentsch Man and Spencer Hart.

Hentsch Man

Hentsch Man was a static presentation of models placed in a funky, artisic garage space in central London.  As guests sipped on Mexican beer and ate popcorn, they discussed the chilled-out group of models in a variety of relaxed, comfortable garments.  The Hentsch Man collection ¨We Met by Accident¨ can be described as ¨the nostalgic backwater of America¨.

Hentschman 1

The models were shaggy haired and bearded, and looked laid back and relaxed.  Cowboy hats and boots were present, as was a distinct 70´s vibe.  Native American prints, cool plaids, and faded t-shirts give a certain New Mexician desert feel.

Hentschman 2

BDMOTP especially favored this gold coat.

Hentschman Gold Coat

Spencer Hart

After Hentscham, the BDMOTP team was blown away by the Spencer Hart catwalk.  This line was elegant, spring-like, serene and just fantastic.  The main fabric present was linen, and it was used in the way of short and long shirts, blazers, jackets, pants, topcoats, shorts, scarves and more.  Every piece that walked down the runway was stylish and wearable.   We especially loved the colors: so much  navy and white, fitting for spring.

Make sure to note BDMOTP favorite, the long linen navy topcoat!


















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