Flights delayed, missed my connection, got bumped from AA to BA, but eventually found my way to London to begin my European Mens Fashion Weeks tour.  The first event, London Collections Men SS14 – Day One started for me and my team at the Hentsch Man Presentation.  Casual pieces that all looked  comfortable yet rugged.  One piece in particular caught my eye, a gold jacket sported well by model Chris Chasseaud.  We are off to a good start at LCM.

Gold Jacket Hentsch Man talking to Alton

We then scurried over to the Spencer Hart runway show.  When we entered the room to the sounds of James Brown, I had a good feeling about the show.  Once they broke into Parliament Funkadelic “Knee Deep” as the show began, I knew it was on!  As I danced in my seat, I enjoyed and appreciated the entire line.  Moderately edgy yet very wearable, top to bottom.  My favorite piece was a blue linen topcoat.

Spencer Hart

Although a bit jet-lagged the shows/presentations offered just enough excitement to get me underway and through the day.

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