Qasimi, named for designer Khalid Al Qasimi, actually began as a designer for womenswear, and then switched over to making menswear. He debuted his first menswear line at Paris Menswear Week in 2009 and womenswear has been on hold ever since. His collections are now a permanent fixture at Paris Menswear Week every spring and fall.

Al Qasimi was born in United Arab Emirates but then moved to the United Kingdom at age 9. His multicultural background and upbringing led him to base his designs on architecture, art, and even socio-politcal issues.

His designs are dramatic and streamlined, and his recent collection featured leather and shearling fabrics. Volume also plays a big part in Qaisimi´s designs and he usually throws a bright color into his spring collections.

Now his clothes are available in various countries around the world, for example, Russia, China, and South Korea to name a few.

You can view more of his most recent collections and find more information at the Oasimi website or follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

These three looks are from his Fall 2013 collection and runway show.

Qasimi 3

Qasimi 1

runway show

These next two looks are from his current spring collection runway show.

Qasimi 4 Qasimi 5

Photos from designer´s the Website and Facebook page.

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