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Henry Lau is one of Hong Kong´s most popular up and coming designers. His shops, entitled ¨Spy Henry Lau¨ are popping up all over China and his clothes are described as ¨casual street style with sophistication¨.  Lau´s mission is to make the average person feel and look beautiful and trendy with his clothes.

The designs do err on the edge of trendy. Lau likes to take a classic look and add twist to it by using modern fabrics and cool patterns and cuts. For example, below you can see his take on the classic blazer. Shiny fabrics, interesting cuts, and pocket patterns spice up an otherwise traditional look.

Spy Henry Lau 2

Lau has showed at many international fashion weeks and has also designed for a number of celebrities and performers, such as Hacken Lee, Denise Ho, Leslie Cheung and the late Anita Mui. He has even collaborated with international brands such as DeBeers Diamonds, Nokia and Motorola.

His designs have walked runways at Hong Kong Fashion Week, Australian Fashion Week and Bejiing Fashion Week.

The first Spy Henry Lau shop was opened in 1996 in Hong Kong. Today, shops in Kuwait, Sydney and Dubai now sell his collections and he has a huge store in Bejiing, among several others. The boutiques have both menswear and womenswear.

For more information, or to shop online visit the Spy Henry Lau Website.

Images from the Henry Lau Facebook Page

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