Excessive snow and winds didn´t stop Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York City from happening this year. Many fashion lovers trekked through severe weather conditions to see this year´s Fall/Winter 2013 runway shows. Michael Kors even showed up in Uggs (gasp!).

In spite of the weather, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York City brought to light some fabulous new collections and debuted some new menswear trends as well.

This season on the catwalks the baggier, fuller cut pant made an appearance. This wider leg pant often popped up in which otherwise seems to be a more tailored outfit-a suit or coordinated trousers and dress shirt. It also showed up in a few unique ways: first, there is the ¨fuller wide leg all the way down¨ look (Alton’s favorite) which we see with Marc Jacobs (note the beautiful red top coat), Lacoste and Libertine.

Baggy Pant Marc Jacobs, Lacoste, Libertine

Then we have the ¨baggy at the top slimmer at the bottom¨ look, which worn with the right outfit can absolutely work. Here are some options from Perry Ellis, Roberto Seco and Robert Gellar.

Baggy Top Slim Bottom Perry Ellis, Ricardo Seco, Robert Gellar

Both baggier styles provide an interesting new tweak to the otherwise basic suit or tailored outfit.

In contrast, if the pant isn´t baggy, it´s super tight and/ or cuffed. I saw very little ´straight leg´ this season.

David Hart (2) and Marc Jacobs (1)

Utilzing the skinny pant gives a fresh look to these three 1970´s style patterned and bright colored suits. The first two by David Hart and the oxblood by Marc Jacobs, these designers are putting a modern twist on a previous trend.

Cuffed Pants by Nautica, Todd Snyder, Raif Adelberg, Y-3

The cool thing about the cuff is that you can cuff the straight leg pant, the skinny pant OR the baggy pant, as shown above by the Nautica straightleg (well, borderline baggy!), the Todd Snyder skinny pant, the Raif Adelbergn baggy pant and the Y-3 baggy pant. (For help cuffing the Best Dressed Man on the Planet way, refer back to previous post Cuff ´Em).

If you want to be on trend, make it wide leg, baggy, or skintight, maybe with a cuff.

All images from the offical Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York City Photo Gallery. 

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