You may recognize Niklas Ankar’s loud plaids and bright, festive chinos from New York Fashion Weeks past, because they’re difficult to forget. …You make your surrounding happy in a certain way. Ankar champions the use of contrasting patterns and you’d be hard pressed to find more pink in a single collection than if you were lucky enough to catch him during Spring 2012 Fashion Week.

Ankar contrasts the forward-thinking patterns and colors with a classic fit that he says calls back to movies and resorts of the 1950s, with tight lapels and slim fitting chinos that cut the narrow profile we’ve come to expect from European designers.

Best of all, Ankar’s clothing (what precious little of it you can find on his website: is moderately priced and on par with his lookbook (which, of course, you can also see on his website).

Most striking about Ankar’s collection, though, is the prominence of Kikoys, a versatile piece that can function as anything from a skirt to a scarf. According to Ankar, they were originally used by the fishermen in East Africa and they wore and still wear them instead of trousers.

Now, he says, every second kid, woman and even man in Sweden wears them as scarves, (they’re) a great accessory that will brighten up or tone down whatever else you are wearing. And it’s absolutely true, especially because the versatility allows Ankar to use patterns that even he wouldn’t dare put on a pair of pants or a jacket, with bright, peacock patterns and brilliant frills.

Pick one up for a cool 350 Swedish Kroen (that’s about $50 to us stateside, and Ankar’s online shop offers the option to pay in good ole US Dollars).

While Ankar’s clothing certainly isn’t for everyone, as it takes a certain sort of sartorial commitment to wear a pair of blue plaid trousers, if you’re the type of man that likes to make such a statement, look no further than this Swedish-born son of a textile man.


Niklas Ankar himself

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