I made an amazing discovery at Fashion Night Out this year. I wandered into Knack Men, and inconspicuous looking shop that completely blew me away.

Knack Men is a store for suits. This is not your run- of- the- mill, typical suit shop. It really has that extra detailing that makes the store stand apart from other shops. The experience of shopping is relaxing and easy because it’s very personalized. The shop is small and boosts great customer service.


I was immediately greeted with a warm welcome where I was offered wine and snacks. I strolled around the store where I then ran into the owner, Bruno. We spoke at length and Bruno explained to me that 7 years ago, he was a frustrated suit shopper. He was tired of boring black and grey suits and he wanted something with a little pizzazz that was also affordable. So he decided to open his own suit shop which was based on three main principles: your classic Spanish suit, with a small British touch, and an added edge of modern detail.

He also wanted to make sure the prices were affordable but that the items offered were still of luxury.

Bruno then proceeded to explain to me that they create a lot of designs in linen, which is washable and so you don’t have to waste time or money getting the suit dry cleaned. Also, several designs feature a patterned interior of the jacket. Therefore, instead of having to buy a pocket square, you simply pull up and out the inside of the jacket, saving you the money of buying the pocket square. A store considering and adapting for their country’s current economic recession? Brillant.

Knack Men’s original Aravaca/Madrid location then grew into six shops-three in Madrid (I visited their Barrio Salamanca location on Calle Ayala), one each in Seville, Galicia and Valencia. Not surprising, after seeing the customer service provided and the product offered.

Bruno pointed out that in this case, their ¨special added detail¨ was the double pocket on the left side. It’s just enough to add a little spice while still keeping it classy.

For more information, or to visit Knack Men, check out the Knack Men webpage.

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  1. gREGORY o'cONNOR says:

    going to Madrid in March

    Staying in Chamberi

    What is your NEAREST shop to Calle Zurbanbo

    What WOULD I expect to pay for a linen suit

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