Fashion Week strutted it’s stuff once again in Madrid showing a vast emphasis on a more tailored style.  The runway shows that happened in early September showcased the styles and trends for the following spring 2013. This season, almost every single designer that showed menswear featured suits with a twist.  Did suits ever actually leave the fashion world? Not exactly. But in the past couple of years, the menswear trends have been very casual in Madrid, pulling back in that 90´s grunge look or a more relaxed style of jeans and tees. Madrid is just not a suit city, like Manhattan or London. Yes, business men do wear suits but walking down the street you don’t see every man in a suit like you do on 5th Avenue, for example. Seeing suits on men in Madrid would be a refreshing new change. What man doesn’t look sexy in a suit or even well-tailored slacks and a blazer?!

David Delfin, Ana Locking, Roberto Verino and Devota y Lomba are just a few designers that showed suits at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid. And they weren’t just boring suits either, each had a little quirk or detail that made them exciting.

This tan suit by Roberto Verino is a nice change from the typical black, navy and gray suits you usually see. The new take on the briefcase is cool as well.

This blue/black suit by Roberto Verino has a long coat, making it perfect for a formal wedding or any important event.

This David Delfin look isn´t a suit necessarily, but it is an interesting take on a suit, with the matching tailored pants and shirt.

This David Delfin suit screams urban: a color blocked jacket with white accents and super skinny pants.  Not for a business meeting, but a great look for a night out on the town.

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This Devota y Lomba suit uses a little shine to boost it’s gray color.

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This Ana Locking look, while it may be a little on the extreme side, shows that you can still personalize your suits and add fun touches, like a rope belt and leopard shirt underneath.

These bowties from Jarabowtie, were for sale outside of the fashion shows for 20 euros. This is an excellent way to brighten up a dark suit or add a little jazz to your outfit.

Use these looks as inspiration. This doesn’t mean you can’t look casual anymore. But, the next time you have a date or are heading out to dinner, throw on a blazer or some tailored pants instead of jeans.

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