On September 6th, 2012, the streets of Madrid were crowded with stylish, urban people who wanted to experience Fshion Night Out. In honor of this special event, many stores stayed open until midnight, served drinks, gave out free samples, included gifts with purchase, or offered discounts. The night was entertaining for a variety of reasons: you could enjoy shopping, browsing, people watching or simply having a few cocktails with friends in your favorite store.

I first stopped into Hugo Boss on Calle Ortega y Gasset. The store was quite crowded and featured a DJ and several types of tequila cocktails.

I noticed a lot of clothing in a dark purple color, which is a great menswear option for fall if you are tired of navy, black or grey. Teal was also featured, as you can see below.


The bartenders were hard at work making two different kinds of tequila cocktails, tequila sours and a specialty drink with tequila, lime, brown sugar and red hot chili peppers.  I sampled it and the spicy taste mixed with brown sugar was amazing.

This pair of snazzy shoes was on sale at Hugo Boss-they are certainly original!

Street Style is often one of the best parts of Fashion Night Out and it did not disappoint this year. I ran into this handsome group of guys in Hugo Boss and each of them sported their own particular style with confidence. You can’t go wrong with cuffed pants, and the pattern-mixing (the tribal print belt paired with checkered shirt on the man on the left) is trending right now.

After Hugo Boss, I made a stop in Armani, which unfortunately did not offer drinks or music, but the clothes were very polished with a clean look. In typical Armani fashion, they were black and grey. The hats are very ´Mad Men´and I think would make for a great fall/winter statement piece.

Later, I made a stop in Tod´s and I truly believe every man should own a pair of moccasins. Here I found them in pretty much every color of the rainbow.

I later made my way down to Soloio which is a Spanish brand from Madrid, but on the way I ran into this lovely young man, who blew me away with his stylish look.  The bright blue blazer really adds to the whole outfit.

I arrived at Soloio and immediately spotted these Tom-style shoes with a little added sass right in the window display.

These stores have several locations in Madrid and for more information, visit the Soloio website.

On the way home I ran into some fabulously dressed men. As it was about 30ºC or 80-ishºF around 11:00 at night, I completely feel that white and stripes were appropriate. In Spain, there are no rules about wearing white after Labor Day!

Just love a man in a suit! These two guys were flattered I wanted to snap their photo in their ¨work¨clothes.

Finally I stopped into Knack Men, a suit boutique and I was extremely impressed. This shop was a standout experience for me and is deserving of its very own post. All in all, this years Fashion Night Out was a huge success. If you missed it, there’s always next September!

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