If you are tired of the same old ¨let’s get drinks and dinner¨ date, this original date idea is the perfect alternative.

Take a ride on Madrid´s Teleferico, or cable car.  Many residents of Madrid have no idea that Madrid even has a cable car, but it does.  And it´s a whole lot of fun too.
The cable is accessible from Casa de Campo, one of Madrid´s largest parks, or on the other end, from Pintor Rosales.  My recommendation is as follows: start at the Pintor Rosales entrance (you can take the 74 bus or the closest metro stop is Arguelles) and ride the cable car over to Casa de Campo. A round trip ticket will cost you between 5-6 euros. One way tickets are available too. Inside the car there is a narrative, which can be put in various languages, to explain to you what you are seeing. The cars can fit up to 5 adults, giving you the option to make it a double date.  The ride is short-only 11 minutes- so soak it up while you can. On the way you´ll get beautiful panoramic views of the city, the cathedral, the palace, the Manzanares River, the Casa de Campo park, and more.

View of the Manzanares River

View of the Palace, Cathedral, and City Center

Once you arrive at Casa de Campo, get off and take a stroll. There are picnic tables and a small restaurant as well if you are feeling like a snack. Casa de Campo is a park, but it´s almost a small forest. There is lots of great hiking, a lake, and more if you prefer to spend more time there. The Madrid Zoo and the Amusement Park are also linked to Casa de Campo if you want to go all out and visit either of those.

After your stroll, hop back on the cable car  to return. The cars emit an old school feel which makes the experience quite charming. It´s not a flashy, modern, expensive amusement park ride, which is why it has such a great vibe to it. They haven´t re-done the original cars since it was built in 1969, so they have they cool vintage look to them. You feel like you are being transported to another place and time.

If you plan your date just right, you can then walk over to Templo Debod Park (this area is loaded with parks) and watch the sunset from there for a very romantic end to your date.  Templo deBod is an actual Egyptian temple from 4 BC that was brought over from Egypt in 1971.  The Egyptians wanted to show their gratitude to Spain for helping save AbuSimbel.  The temple was disassembled in Egypt, flown to Valencia, sent to Madrid by train, and then reconstructed, stone by stone, in the park. This park has got a very special vibe to and it would be the perfect way to end your date.

Templo Debod at Sunset

Photo by Antonio Rodriguez

If you want to take a ride on Madrid´s Teleferico, check out the Teleferico Website for more info.

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