Since Valencia is located right on the Mediterranean Sea, they often showcase swimsuits during their fashion week. It seems odd to think about swimsuits going into fall, but since the September Fashion Week features the designs for the following spring, swimsuits it is.  One of the highlights of Valencia Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 was Andres Lens and his collection entitled The Lens collection: Sexy Chic.

The Lens Collection: Sexy Chic was created with a very specific vision in mind.  He explains that his collection was inspired by the continuous economic, social and cultural change. Lens wanted to create a collection that embodied not only manliness, but also glamour and elegance. He says ¨this collection was designed for the modern man, and at the same time looking at the past to start a race towards the future.


This collection is right on target because it really stays true to the spirit of swimwear in Europe, especially Spain.  You would never see board shorts or UGGS on any beach in Spain, it´s all about the speedo or the tight boxer short swimsuit.  It´s right on trend with what men are actually wearing on the beaches here in Spain.

The collection pulls in not only silhouette s that are trending, such as the speedo style or tight boxer brief suit look, but also current trends like the fall color oxblood (often referred to as wine, maroon, or dark red), patterns, combat boots, the man purse/clutch and the man tank top.

Note the man purse here-which could work with many other outfits other than a swimsuit!

Cool suede combat boots paired with this suit.  Again, these boots could compliment many other types of outfits other than a swimsuit.

Here is a more traditional looking ¨shorts¨ swimsuit, though still keeping with that European style of above the knee.

And the infamous oxblood color makes an appearance.  This particular silhouette is extremely popular here in Spain.

Some fun plaid patterns and a swim cap!

And finally, the man tank top is another trend you´ll find along any beach in Spain and Europe it´s even been spotted throughout the USA too.

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